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Voltage Tester Pen VD806

Voltage Tester Pen VD806

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The Voltage Tester Pen VD806 is a versatile tool designed for safely detecting both AC and DC voltages. Here's what you need to know about its features:


Voltage Range:

  • Detects voltages from AC 12V to 1000V, providing a wide range of voltage detection suitable for various electrical applications.


Frequency Range:

  • Operates at a frequency of 50-60Hz, effectively detecting voltage signals commonly found in residential and commercial electrical systems.


Alarm Modes:

  • Equipped with sound and light alarms, providing clear indications when voltage is detected, ensuring prompt alertness to the presence of live voltage.



  • Features a built-in white LED flashlight, offering added illumination for working in dark or dimly lit environments, enhancing visibility during electrical inspections.


Auto Power Off:

  • Automatically shuts off after a period of inactivity to conserve battery life, ensuring efficient use of power when the device is not in use.


Gear Button:

  • Some models may include an H/L/O gear button function, allowing users to select high, low, or off sensitivity levels based on their specific testing needs, providing versatility in various electrical testing scenarios.


Overall, the Voltage Tester Pen VD806 is a compact, reliable, and user-friendly tool ideal for electricians, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals. It offers a safe and efficient method for detecting voltage in electrical circuits and equipment, making it an essential addition to any toolkit for electrical testing and troubleshooting tasks.

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