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KonoSuba Megumin

KonoSuba Megumin

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- This adorable figure features the anime character Megumin from KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World.
- Standing at 27cm tall and 19cm wide, including her wand, this KonoSuba figure is a remarkable representation of the character Megumin.
- Equipped with a sturdy base, this figure is suitable for display as an ornament, adding a touch of charm to any space.
- The anime figure comes with an attack stance, featuring a wave-like cloak, a protruding staff, and a character-like pose, adding dynamic flair to the display.
- Every color and shape on this figure was meticulously designed to accurately depict the anime series with great detail.
- Constructed from robust ABS materials, this figure is exceptionally durable, ensuring that KonoSuba fans can appreciate the figurine for a very long time.

- This KonoSuba figure stands 27cm tall and 19cm wide. - The base holds the figure steady making it ideal as a desk or cabinet ornament. - It comes with the anime series character details which includes both colour and shapes. - The character includes the staff, cloak, hat and boots


- Materials: ABS

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1 x KonoSuba Megumin 27cm Action Pose Anime Figure

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