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Baseus UnionJoy Series 17-Port Triple-Display Docking Station

Baseus UnionJoy Series 17-Port Triple-Display Docking Station

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Transform your device into a personal command center with this compact 17-port hub. Despite its powerful capabilities, this hub is up to 50% smaller than standard products, thanks to the modern Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology. With the versatile USB-C, it works with various operating systems for maximum compatibility. Ideal for photographers and filmmakers, the hub supports TF/SD cards for lightning-fast data transfers, ensuring your work stays in the fast lane.

Enjoy 130W power and 5Gbps speeds for quick charging and file transfers. Power your devices effortlessly using the DC and PC ports, providing convenience when you need it. The VGA port delivers a crisp 1080P@60Hz, HDMI ensures a stunning 4K@60Hz, and DP allows you to enjoy videos in ultra-sharp 8K @30Hz. Connect up to 4 separate screens with impressive image quality. RJ45 port for reliable wired network connection.

- 17 Ports for a versatile command center.

- USB-C compatibility works with various OS.

- Rapid charging & data transfer with 130W power, 5Gbps speeds.

- Compact Design utilizes modern GaN tech for a small footprint.

- Multiple display options, up to 4 screens, 4K @60Hz, 8K @30Hz.

- TF/SD card support for quick data transfers for professionals.

- Network ready with an RJ45 port for reliable connectivity.

- DC & PC Ports for easy device power access.

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