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Baseus UltraControl Lite Series Phone Holder

Baseus UltraControl Lite Series Phone Holder

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The car mount is a versatile holder for devices with dimensions ranging from 5.4 inches to 7.2 inches. With automatic clasps and a suction cup, this mount is incredibly easy to install and adjust to your desired position. The suction cup ensures that the mount remains securely in place, whether it's attached to your vehicle's dashboard or windshield. Designed for one-handed operation, you can adjust the height within a range of 110° or rotate it 360 degrees, ensuring convenient and safe use while driving. A reliable solution for hands-free device access, ensuring safety and convenience while on the road.

- Universal car mount for 5.4" to 7.2" devices.

- Automatic clasps and suction cup.

- Dual-pressure system for stability.

- Suitable for mounting on either the dashboard or windshield.

- A 360-degree rotation and 110-degree tilt for optimal viewing angles.

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