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Baseus Share Together 120W 2 in 1 Car Charge

Baseus Share Together 120W 2 in 1 Car Charge

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This car charger supports both 12V and 24V sockets. The charger will support 2 devices at once through the USB or Type-C ports. It delivers up to 120W of fast charging power. Additionally, it will evenly distribute power (30W-30W-60W) across devices. It's equipped with an additional car lighter port that simultaneously supports multiple devices. The top charging port is a 12/24V charger, allowing you to not lose out on the functionality of your port. A built-in protection chip prevents electrical damage such as overcharging.

- This charger is compatible with 12V and 24V sockets.

- 120W of fast charging power evenly distributed across devices.

- Plug and play for zero installation.

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