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Baseus Orange Dot Series Wireless Presenter - Grey

Baseus Orange Dot Series Wireless Presenter - Grey

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The Baseus Dot pointer boasts a laser range of up to 100 meters and supports both type-C and type-A interfaces. This intelligent laser device is equipped with optimized buttons for black screens, white screens, and next-page navigation, enhancing users' presentation effectiveness. Its magnetized receiver is cleverly stored within the body, ensuring easy retrieval and reducing the risk of loss. The device is plug and play, requiring no installation processes. With a single AAA battery (included), it offers lasting power for 3 months, eliminating the need for frequent battery changes. Efficient for speeches and presentations, it allows users to click to select hyperlinks and double-click to open them.

Utilizing RF 2.4G radio frequency technology, it provides a more reliable signal for users. This wireless presenter features a robust construction, being impact-resistant and sturdy enough to withstand repeated use. It charges in just 45 minutes, proving highly effective for important meetings. Its credibility is further bolstered by winning the highly respected German Red Dot Design Award.

- The Baseus Dot pointer has a laser range of 100 meters.

- It supports both type-C and type-A interfaces.

- It provides plug-and-play functionality.

- It allows the selection of hyperlinks through single clicks and double-clicks.

- It employ RF 2.4G radio frequency technology.

- It has a charging time of 45 minutes.

- It is rechargeable and provides a power output for 3 months.

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