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Baseus Matrix Two-Way HDMI Switch ( 2in1 or 1in2) - Space Gray

Baseus Matrix Two-Way HDMI Switch ( 2in1 or 1in2) - Space Gray

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Simplify your HDMI connectivity with the versatile Baseus Matrix Two-Way HDMI Switch. No more hassle of constant plugging and unplugging - toggle effortlessly between 2-in-1 out or 1-in-2 out dual modes with a single click. Experience pristine 4K@30Hz resolution, crystal-clear video playback, and synchronous audio transmission without any lag. With plug-and-play convenience, no external power required, and a digital light display for easy status monitoring, this splitter is perfect for your multimedia needs.

- Two-way switch. - Synchronous audio and video transmission.

- Plug and play allows for a quick and easy setup with no external power required.

- The digital light display allows you to conveniently view at a glance the working status of the splitter, taking the guesswork out of figuring out which input is selected.

- Mode one is 1 in, 2 out - one device connected to two displays - Equipment > Splitter > Display 1 + Display 2.

- Mode Two is 2 in, 1 out: two devices connected to one display - Equipment 1 + Equipment 2 > Splitter > Display.

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