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Baseus Heyo Rotation Countdown Cooking Timer - Black

Baseus Heyo Rotation Countdown Cooking Timer - Black

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The Baseus Heyo Rotation Timer is the perfect device for keeping track of everything. A silent device with almost no sound at all while working. Three-position timing reminder to adapt to the needs of different environments for volume. The high-definition mirror refracts light and shadow with a silver rotating shell. Magnetic foot fixing easily sticks to metal surfaces.

- Rounded LED digital display to view digits at any angle clearly.

- Avoid repeated presses, rotate to adjust from 0 to 99.

- Three-gear countdown reminder, loud volume, low volume and mute position.

- It can be easily attached to the surface of iron/metal materials such as refrigerators making it easy to use and operate.

- Conveniently set the timer to count up or count down.

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