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Baseus GaN2 Lite Quick Charger 65W Type-C & USB EU

Baseus GaN2 Lite Quick Charger 65W Type-C & USB EU

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The Gan2 Lite delivers up to 65W of PD fast charging power. 45W quick charge is available for Android users. Baseus Cooling Technology (BCT) improves heat dissipation for mobile devices. BPS II (Baseus Power Split 2) technology ensures rapid charging for both Android and Apple devices. It supports both Type-C and USB ports. The cable measures 1 meter in length. There are many safety features built into this charger such as overheating protection, overcharge protection, etc

- It has 65W of PD charging.

- Samsung devices receive 45W of quick charge.

- BCT prevents and improves heat dissipation.

- It has Type-C and USB ports.

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