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Baseus A2pro Car Vacuum Cleaner - Black

Baseus A2pro Car Vacuum Cleaner - Black

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Three high-performance batteries enable easy and continuous cleaning. The transparent dustproof box is effortless to install and clean when needed. Enhanced airflow buffer and sound insulation board are implemented to minimize operational noise effectively. With its slim design, the device effectively blows out and vacuums dirt from gaps, achieving a dedusting rate of up to 99.7% while preventing blockage and secondary pollution. The lightweight and ergonomic design makes it suitable for use in any location. It generates a suction power of 6000pa improving the suction rate by 40% over previous models while minimizing wind power loss. Incorporates a built-in 120ml dust bin. Combines the capabilities of both blowing and suction.

Specifications and Features:

  • Functionality: Combines blowing and suction capabilities for versatile cleaning.
  • Battery Capacity: Equipped with a 2000mAh battery for extended usage.
  • Improved Suction: Enhances suction power by 40% compared to earlier models.
  • Dust Bin Capacity: Features an integrated 120ml dust bin for easy debris disposal.
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed with user comfort in mind for ergonomic handling.
  • Noise Control: Incorporates built-in technology for reduced operational noise.
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