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Naruto Cosplay Akatsuki Cloak

Naruto Cosplay Akatsuki Cloak

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This product is perfect for all those Naruto fans out there that are looking to either dress up or cosplay as their favourite Akatsuki member.
This is a zip-up cloak with a sturdy collar and baggy arm sleeves.

Small: (Jacket Size: 107)

Shoulder Length: 42cm
Arm Length: 56cm
Bust: 108cm
Cloak Height: 109cm
Collar Length: 14cm

Large: (Jacket Size: 117)

Shoulder Length: 43cm
Arm Length: 63cm
Bust: 118cm
Cloak Height: 111cm
Collar Length: 14cm

XXL: (Jacket Size: 122)

Shoulder Length: 47cm
Arm Length: 70cm
Bust: 120cm
Cloak Height: 111cm
Collar Length: 15cm

(As a side note for parents looking to purchase this for their kids. Please be sure to measure your kids before purchasing this and keep in mind that the Akatsuki members all have their cloaks as baggy as possible to conceal themselves and their weapons and such. So the bigger, the better.)

This product is washing machine friendly on a soft cycle, however, it is highly discouraged that one SHOULD NOT tumble dry this product as you will run the risk of damaging the material.

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1 x Naruto Anime and Cosplay Akatsuki Cloak

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