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Baseus Star-Lord Digital Display Fast Charge Power Bank 30000mAh 22.5W

Baseus Star-Lord Digital Display Fast Charge Power Bank 30000mAh 22.5W

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Charge up to 3 devices at the same time with 30000mAh battery power and 22.5W of fast charging capacity. The multi-tiered protection system provides defense against overheating, excessive charging, high voltage, current surges, short circuits, and electromagnetic interference. It features power inputs comprising Type C, USB1, and USB2 ports. The charger efficiently allocates power among the connected devices being charged, automatically adapting the power output and voltage as necessary.

Sporting a digital LED display, it showcases the device's remaining battery level, making it easy to monitor and determine the most suitable time for recharging the power bank. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The design is both compact and lightweight, ensuring exceptional portability and convenient storage.

- Power output is at 22.5 watts.

- Simultaneously charges three devices.

- Fast-charges devices to 50% in 30 minutes.

- Provides multiple inputs for added convenience.

- Includes integrated device protection features.

- Communicates information using an LED screen display.

- Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices.

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