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VR Shinecon reality glasses

VR Shinecon reality glasses

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-Experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and affordable way
-Immerse Yourself in Virtual Reality
-Take your video viewing to a whole new, captivating level
- This innovative virtual reality headset launches you into an immersive world that features a viewing experience.
-The VR Shinecon is equipped with a Micro-USB port and can be powered directly using an external charger
- Virtual Reality is a new technology with a very unique experience.
- Movement tracking allows the glasses to see where you are looking so that you can enjoy games and movies in three dimensions.

-HD resin aspherical lens diameter 40mm
-Field of view 90-100 degrees
-IPD adjustable 60-70mm
-Fixed focal 37.5-46.5mm
-Compatible with all smartphones
-Suitable to glasses-wearing
-ABS Plastic
-222x205x99mm 415g

-Package dimensions l=21.5cn x h=23cm x w=11cm
-Package weight= 600g

What's in the box
1 x VR Shinecon reality glasses

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