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UT383 Digital Handheld Light Lux/Lumen Meter

UT383 Digital Handheld Light Lux/Lumen Meter

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This handheld light meter has light sensor technology that can indicate light intensity.
The device can change between lux and lumen to show both measurements.
Has a auto sleep mode function when not in use for 5 minutes.
Is a great tool for measuring the light intensity at home, schools, offices, indoor farming, hospitals and more.

Measures in lux or lumens.
The LCD screen helps display your measurements with it's clear black and white display.
There is a low battery indicator built in.
Sampling time works at an impressive 0.5s.


Illumination: (Regulated in the standard of 2856K color temperature flat lamp) Note: 1FC=10.76 Lux
0-9999 Lux 1Lux (4%rdg+8dgts)
10000 Lux 1 10 Lux (5%rdg +10dgts)
Range: 0-199999 Lux Auto-ranging
Sampling Time: 0.5s Refresh Sampling in 0.5s
Overload Indication: OL (Shows "OL")
MAX/MIN Measurement: HOLD (Shows "HOLD")
Backlight: BL (Manually on and off)
Auto Power Off: 5mins (Automatically powers off after 5mins without operation)
Low Battery: 3.0-3.5V (Shows low battery prompt when power is 3.0-3.5V)
Power Requirements: 3 x 1.5V Batteries (AAA) (Not included)What's in the box
1x UT383 Digital Handheld Light Lux/Lumen Meter

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