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Triangular 4 Faced Twist and Turn Colorful Fun and Educational Pyramid Cube

Triangular 4 Faced Twist and Turn Colorful Fun and Educational Pyramid Cube

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The Triangular Fan Cube is a fun and challenging puzzle that allows users to twist and turn its sides to make each face have a single colour.
It features highly durable carbon fiber stickers on four faces, providing a unique look and texture.
The cube's class-leading spring design enables smooth and fast turning with excellent twisting feedback, making it suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Made from carbon fiber and ABS materials, this cube is reliable, lightweight, and perfect for enhancing problem-solving skills, promoting positive brain activity, and providing hours of fun and educational training.

Multi-colored triangular fan cube with yellow, green, blue, and red sides.
Highly durable carbon fiber stickers applied to four faces for a unique look.
Class-leading spring design for fast and crisp turning with great twisting feedback.
Designed to reduce stress, exercise the brain, and improve memory and problem-solving skills.
Made from high-performance carbon fiber and ABS materials for reliability and portability.

Material: Carbon fiber and ABS
Face Type: Triangular
Number of Faces: 4
Skill Level: Suitable for beginners and professionals.

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1 x Triangular 4 Faced Twist and Turn Colourful Fun and Educational Pyramid Cube

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