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Pokemon Eevee Hat

Pokemon Eevee Hat

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This cute Eevee beanie boasts a fuzzy coat and lengthy paws, ensuring your ears stay cozy on a chilly day.
When squeezed, the paws make the ears movable, setting this beanie apart from typical Pokemon beanies.
The adorable Eevee paws, which are 52cm in length.
The use of lightweight materials ensures that this beanie is comfortable to wear in both chilly and warm climates.
Thanks to robust air pumps, the animated ears can be enjoyed for a long period of time.

This Eevee beanie has ears that are movable when the paws are squeezed by the users.
The lightweight materials makes this ideal for warm and cold conditions.
It has durable air pumps that allows for multiple squeezes for a long period of time.
The 52cm paws are easy to reach making it suitable for kids and adults.


Materials: Polyester and Fleece
What's in the box
1x Pokemon Eevee Hat with Movable Pump Ears

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