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Laser Distance Meter 40m

Laser Distance Meter 40m

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Laser distance meter is much more efficient than a traditional tape measure. The distance meter is perfectly equipped with a multi-measurement. It's easy ,fast and convenient to use with accurate and quick results.
Widely used in: construction, room design, etc.

- Adjusting Measurement Reference
- Single, continuous measurement (min/max)
- Area measurement
- Volume measurement
- Calculate measuring
- Addition/Subtraction
- Double water balance
- Measure data record
- Auto Power off

- Maximum measuring range: 40M
- Measurement accuracy: ±2.0mm
- Laser type: 620-690nm, - Laser class: class 2
- Operating temperature: 0-40°C
- Auto Laser off: 30 seconds
- Auto Instrument off: 180 seconds
- Measuring unit: m, ft, in

What's in the box
1 x Laser Distance Meter 40m
2 x AAA batteries

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