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Gear Rubik's Gear Cube

Gear Rubik's Gear Cube

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The gear cube is a take on the regular 3x3 cube but with a major twist. When you twist one layer, the cogs inter-connect and turn the opposite layer too. It makes for a very fun and challenging experience.

The first solving reward is getting the puzzle to its cubic state. This is relatively easy. The second solving reward is getting the puzzle to a state where each face has only two colours (of opposite faces). This is a bit harder, but achievable for many people. The most difficult is solving the puzzle as a whole.

Perfect for testing your mental skills and challenging your patience.
Improve your memory and hand-eye coordination.
Enhances reasoning ability, response ability and problem solving ability.
Improve concentration and focus.
Enhance self-confidence and improve patience.

Weight: 129g
Approximate Size: 60mm x 60mm 60mm
Made from: ABS plastic

What's in the box
1x Gear Rubik's Gear Cube

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