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Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Great Ape Figure 30cm

Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Great Ape Figure 30cm

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Elevate your Dragon Ball Z collection with the formidable Vegeta Great Ape Figure. This striking depiction of Vegeta in his awe-inspiring Great Ape form captures the raw power and primal ferocity of the Saiyan prince with breathtaking detail.

Crafted with precision and care using top-tier materials, this figure is constructed from durable resin and adorned with high-quality paintwork, ensuring every sinew and detail of the legendary Saiyan warrior is faithfully portrayed.

Display this remarkable Vegeta figure proudly, allowing it to transport you back to one of the most iconic battles in Dragon Ball Z history. Whether showcased on shelves, desks, or within glass cabinets, this figure is guaranteed to be a standout centerpiece in any collection.

  • Crafted from premium-quality materials and adorned with intricate paintwork for durability and lifelike detail.
  • Perfect for display on shelves, desks, or within glass cabinets.
  • Depicts Vegeta's awe-inspiring Great Ape transformation, a pivotal moment in Dragon Ball Z lore.


Material: Hardened Resin

Height: 30cm

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