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Demon Slayer Uzui Tengen Rubber Anime Keychain

Demon Slayer Uzui Tengen Rubber Anime Keychain

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This Tengen keychain presents a miniature rendition of the anime character.

Combined with lightweight rubberized materials, it provides a pleasant tactile sensation when added to any set of keys.

The design incorporates raised materials, providing users with an authentic tactile experience when touched.

The character is depicted in a relaxed stance.

The use of durable materials ensures an extended lifespan for fans who enjoy the character.

The combination of vivid coloring and intricate design makes this keychain an excellent gift choice.

The double-printed design offers remarkable details from any angle the keychain is positioned.

The keychain features a double printed design.

The materials include a raised texture to enhance the overall tactile experience.

The high-quality design ensures longevity for users.

- Materials: Rubber and Stainless steel
- Keychain dimensions in cm: 6cm x 0.3cm x 8.5cm
- Keychain weight in grams: 23g

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