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BIG John Detectorists Diamond Tester

BIG John Detectorists Diamond Tester

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The BIG John Detectorists Diamond Tester "Diamond Selector II" is a portable electronic diamond testing device used to distinguish real diamonds from fake or simulated stones.

Ideal for the metal detectorist to test their finds. You never know, it may just be the crown jewels!

The BIG John Diamond Tester offers quick, precise, and reliable diamond testing.

- Positive diamond indication by LED light and audio
- Accurate and reliable reading
- Metal alert (if you accidentally touch the ring / metal)
- Simple calibration for stones of various sizes
- Protective carrying case

- Dimensions: 16cm x 4cm x 2cm
- Weight: 142g
- Testing Capability: Diamonds, Diamond simulation (e.g. CZ), Metal
- Color: Black
- Initial warm-up time: ~ 20 sec.
- Indicator: Audio and LED lamps
- Power: 9V Battery (Not included)

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