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Baseus Super Energy Air Series 12V DC and USB Car Jump Starter Black

Baseus Super Energy Air Series 12V DC and USB Car Jump Starter Black

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If you ever find yourself in a tight situation where your car requires a jump start, Baseus's Super Energy Air Series Car Jump Starter has you covered. It works virtually for almost all vehicles that have a 12V battery, simply connect the negative and positive clamps to their correct anodes and you are sorted.

Should you ever find yourself in a pinch where your mobile device or other electronics are running low on battery power, you can utilize this device as a power bank too. There are multiple levels of security to prevent your battery or electronics from being damaged, making this product a reliable and safe purchase.

- Suitable for many vehicles with 12V batteries.

- It works without problems at very low and high temperatures.

- Up to 50 starts on 1 charge.

- There is a digital screen with information about the battery charge level.

- Top-quality lithium-polymer batteries that hold a large capacity for a long time.

- Voltage stabilization to adjust to required voltages.

- Protection against reverse connection.

- Supports short circuit, overheating, overcurrent, overcharge and over-discharge protection.

- Supports features to either charge your mobile device or jump-start your car.

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