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Baseus Osculum Type Gravity Car Mount - Black and Silver

Baseus Osculum Type Gravity Car Mount - Black and Silver

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The Baseus gravity car mount automatically adjusts its grip to the weight of the mobile device. Featuring a strong suction cup, it can be effortlessly installed on any vehicle's windshield or dashboard. Built-in 360-degree adjustment enhances the user's flexibility. Compatible with 4.7" to 6.7" devices. Dedicated cable openings facilitate convenient charging. Gravity technology stabilizes the mobile device on uneven roads. Its compact, lightweight design ensures easy installation. Designed for one-handed operations, offering convenience. The use of durable materials contributes to the longevity of the gravity holder.

- Baseus car mount adjusts automatically to device weight.

- Strong suction cup for easy windshield or dashboard mounting.

- 360-degree adjustment offers enhanced flexibility.

- Compatible with 4-inch - 6.5-inch devices.

- Gravity technology ensures stability on uneven roads.

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