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Baseus Metal Age Gravity Car Mount (Connecting Rod Type) - Black

Baseus Metal Age Gravity Car Mount (Connecting Rod Type) - Black

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The Baseus metal car holder is designed with 360-degree mobile rotation and 180-degree tilt adjustment, providing enhanced convenience. This holder effectively grips devices based on their weight, ensuring a secure placement. The integration of smart technology ensures stability on uneven surfaces by utilizing gravity adjustment technology. The console mounts are thoughtfully engineered to remain within reach and enable one-handed operation. Silicone-lined pads are incorporated to prevent any potential scratches on smartphones while in the car holder.

Compatible with devices featuring screen sizes ranging 4 inches to 7 inches. The device includes an opening for charging cables, allowing for convenient charging. Its design, characterized by durability, lightness, and compactness, prioritizes safety during travel.

- Allows for 360-degree rotation and 180-degree tilt.

- The structure ensures stability on uneven surfaces.

- The design supports one-handed operation.

- Silicone-lined pads prevent smartphone scratches.

- Fits 4 inch - 7 inch screen devices.

- It Includes a charging cable opening.

- The design is durable, lightweight, compact for travel safety.

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