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Baseus High Definition Series HDMI To HDMI Adapter Cable Black 2M

Baseus High Definition Series HDMI To HDMI Adapter Cable Black 2M

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Baseus's High Definition Series of HDMI cables comes in multiple lengths that maintain the same grade of quality throughout each variant. They support a resolution of 3840 x 2160 4K high-definition output which helps their users experience real picture quality. Made from a one-piece molding process, ensuring that the connector shells can never loosen, making the cable more durable for long-term usage.

The HDMI connectors are made with gold plating technology which offers anti-interference and corrosion resistance, for more stable and reliable transmission performance. Built-in thickened wire core allows for highly efficient transmission. High-quality aluminum alloy plug shell, ensure that they are still in good condition after 50,000 plug-ins and pull-out according to our tests. - Supports 4K HD 3840 x 2016 quality.

- This HDMI 2.0 works on all consoles, TVs and media devices.

- Aluminum alloy with gold plating allows for faster transmission speeds and durability.

- Thickened core.

- Resistant to plugging and unplugging.

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