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Baseus H1i Bowie Noise-Cancellation Wireless Headphones

Baseus H1i Bowie Noise-Cancellation Wireless Headphones

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Enjoy a comfortable and non-obtrusive music experience with the Baseus H1i Bowie Headphones. This headset supports 40dB noise cancellation and allows you to listen to music in peace. With Bluetooth version 5.2, you will have a smoother transmission speed with no interruptions. This makes it optimal for gaming and functions that require a low latency response. The large battery capacity allows for 70 hours of listening time at 70% volume.

- 70 hours battery life.

- Supports hybrid active noise cancellation.

- Has low latency with the Bluetooth 5.2 module built in.

- The headset is extremely comfortable for all users.

- Can fully charge itself in approximately 1 hour.

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