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Baseus ComfortJoy Series Adjustable Neck Phone Holder

Baseus ComfortJoy Series Adjustable Neck Phone Holder

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The adjustable neck phone holder conveniently weighs very little and is comfortable to use. The arm length measures a total of 36cm. It has has two working modes which includes a stand and a neck holder. A silicone lined pad makes this holder comfortable for the users neck. Users can effortlessly switch their mobile between horizontal and vertical viewing. This holder also allows users to adjust their devices 360 degree according to their liking. It is suitable as a desk stand offering remarkable grip for devices between 5.4" to 6.7".

- This neck and desk holder only weighs 360g.

- It's compatible with 5.4" to 6.7".

- Users can rotate their devices 360 degrees.

- It is suitable for horizontal and vertical viewing.

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