Warranty policy 
All products purchased on www.gadgettime.co.za carries a 180 days warranty.
What is the valid proof of warranty
The following proof of purchase documents are required when customers claim warranty from Gadget Time:
1) Products purchased from Gadget Time: Please provide the sales inventory information or logistics information that clearly show the sales channel, product details, price, sales date;
What is not covered by the warranty
  • Products proved not to be ours;
  • Products not purchased from www.gadgettime.co.za;
  • Unauthorized repair, improper use, damage, negligence, abuse, accident, modification, incorrect use of accessories not meant for the product, tearing, doctored labels and anti-counterfeiting marks;
  • Warranty has expired;
  • Force majeure damage;
  • Improper storage, exposure to excessive humidity and temperature for extended time resulting into performance damage;
  • Damage non related to performance;
  • Improper use resulting into damage of the product or its accessories;
  • Artificial damage;
  • General Wear and Tear;
How to apply for after-sales service during the warranty period
Email: support@gadgettime.co.za
    Return/Refund policy
    Please refer to the link for guidelines of return/refund